AD Rates
AD Specifications
AD Deadline
Trim: The trim size of an ad is its final size once printed and cut.
Bleed: 0.25” or 3 mm bleed on all sides (applicable only to full and double page ad)
Safety Margins: Please make sure that logos, text or main product are not too close to the edges and allow safety margin of 0.25” or 6mm on all sides of ad.
Minimun Point Size: Supplied ads should not have text smaller that 7pts.
PC and MAC Files: We accept Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and PDF files.
Photo-Images: Please be sure to include all tiff & eps files. All photos used in the layout should be scanned at original size 100% and as high-resolution images 300dpi minimum. Photos should be CMYK files, not RGB.
Logos: If possible send vectorial logos saved as Illustrator EPS files. Logos saved in Photoshop must be 300dpi high-resolution files (color) or 1200dpi saved as Bitmap (BW line art) file.
Fonts: Save all the fonts even if they have been coverted to outlines.
Proofs: All disk must be accompanied by color printout and directory of the disk’s content.
Transport: www.Submit.Photos.

You can send large files via